Eat Your Greens

Inspired by a recently published post regarding my adoration for Sichuan dry-fried green beans, my husband and I (alright, mostly my husband) set out to practice a recipe for the dish from the comfort of our own home.


The apartment smelled incredible, and I happily sipped some sauvignon blanc while the real cook in the family did all of the dirty work. What emerged from the kitchen was a delicious rendition of a Sichuan meal, complete with peppercorns and chicken thighs to round out the course.

We also paid a visit to a Bellaire favorite, Golden Dumpling House. Certainly not raved about enough, this eatery always has a queue cutting the building down the middle, filled with hungry visitors ready to order within seconds of entering the establishment.


We ordered our usual must-haves, including pork and shrimp fried dumplings and chicken steamed dumplings, and opted for a side of onion cakes and dan dan noodles.

To my surprise, the noodles had no spice to them, after always encountering them with a little heat, but the dish was delectable all the same.


There is an element of comfort that only properly prepared dumplings can bring. Warm and inviting; heavy but not intolerably so. At Golden Dumpling House, the tranquility transitions onto your check, when after ordering and being given a table number you see just how little the staff charges for their tiny clouds of succulence. It’s mind-blowing the amount of food you can eat off of a $20 bill.

The restaurant includes self service water, cutlery, and congee, and runs a cash only operation, so be sure to arrive accordingly.

With full bellies, be sure to visit the H-Mart location a couple shops down, and pick up a dessert or two for your trip home.