In the Heights


After the wait, and a rosé or two, we found ourselves seated at a table so full of deliciousness it was difficult to leave any behind (which we did, but quickly devoured the next day for lunch).

For starters, we enjoyed the focaccia, crispy potatoes, arancini, and savory golden beets.

However, the applause truly goes to the critically acclaimed superstars, the pizza.

Coltivare Pizza and Garden has been on our to-do list for ages, and we finally made the pilgrimage into the Heights this weekend for a taste of their raved-over menu.

A 5:02 p.m. arrival earned us a spot on the wait-list lasting about an hour, making time for a quick sprint down White Oak Drive for drinks at Better Luck Tomorrow.

After a jasmine-scented walk back to Coltivare, we spent some time in their garden before heading inside. Filled with growing artichokes, berries, and herbs, surrounding the hungry diners ready to get the welcoming text for their spot on the list.


After perusing plentiful reviews, we went with the chicken and prosciutto, and the celebrated potato pies.

It’s an entirely different neighborhood, but I couldn’t complete a post highlighting this area of Houston without a little Lin-Manuel Miranda to sing us out.

“In the heights I've got today
And today's all we got,
so we cannot stop

This is our block In the heights “

Rebekah KibodeauxComment